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How to Live an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle to Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Are you ready to enjoy each and every day feeling great and having abundant energy?

Maybe this sounds like you?

IF you have been feeling off for many years with no explanation. You are tired of feeling sick and tired and not have energy to do what you love. Have you gone from doctor to doctor with vague symptoms, only to be told it's all in your head.

OR, you have been struggling with autoimmune symptoms for years and know there has to be something else that would reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

OR, you may have just gotten a diagnosis. But, if you have joint stiffness, pain, fatigue, brain fog, low energy and more, chronic inflammation may be to blame.

Inflammation is the root cause of almost all disease.

This eBook will gently guide you in easy ways to reduce your chronic inflammation and start feeling better so you can enjoy life again.

Ready to feel life your old self?

Get out there in the world and do ALL the things you LOVE? Walking, gardening, hiking, exercising, yoga, Pilates, playing with pets, children, grandchildren, enjoying your hobbies, OR simply being able to wash dishes or walk without pain.

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  • information about inflammation (not the good kind);
  • Do and Don't food lists to help you choose the best foods for you;
  • list of possible contributors to inflammation;
  • information about the importance of sleep; exercise/movement;
  • information about stress and ways to reduce it;
  • worksheet to help you pinpoint areas in your diet to modify;
  • worksheet to assess your sleep habits and sleep area;
  • worksheet to assess your stress levels;
  • worksheet on exercise habits.

You've got this.


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